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Dentists Legal Service (DLS) is regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the regulator of barristers and other regulated legal entities (firms, partnerships, companies). DLS works to exacting standards and policies, as set out in the BSB Handbook. Each of our barristers, just like the English/Welsh Bar generally, is self-employed. In other words they are wholly independent practitioners, albeit they work under the corporate umbrella of Trident Chambers.


Terms of Use of this Website


The terms of use of this website apply to all users.

This website (dentistslegalservice.com) is ‘as is’ and relates to the law of England and Wales. While we strive to keep the contents up to date, it may not be up to date or accurate, in the relevant jurisidication to you.

  1. If you use the contact form, please note that on occasions, for reasons outside of our control, we might not receive your enquiry. The same applies in relation to your use of our email address.
  2. This website should not be relied upon in the absence of taking formal legal advice from a regulated lawyer.
  3. We take no responsibilitity for reliance placed upon the contents of this website. Nor do we accept responsibility for any losses arising from the use of the website, or reliance put upon its contents or the contact form or email address, or for any down time of the website itself. The website may not be up to date or accurate. If you notice an inaccuracy, please inform us.
  4. When you contact us we will do our best to find a barrister or barristers in the specialism(s) of your case. The specialism is not always readily identifiable, and the barrister you speak to will be in a better position to direct you to a more suitable barrister or other lawyer or organisation.
  5. We cannot guarantee to be able to take on your case on a direct public access basis. All direct access clients will be sent a contract to sign (called a client care letter), setting out the barristers charging structure and terms of engagement, before any work is undertaken. In most cases, fees are payable in advance of the work being undertaken.
  6. The ‘cab rank rule’ applies to solicitors instructions, in accordance with the BSB Handbook, but solicitor’s instructions will only be accepted in accordance with our standard terms, and the BSB regulations. And, where peremitted by regulations, at our discretion.
  7. We are an equal opportunities organisation and do not discriminate on protected grounds. For a copy of our equality policies and data, please contact us.
  8. Our barristers’ legal services are subject to fees payable, as well as the availability of barristers or other lawyers, para-legals, other support staff, to undertake the work in the necessary time-frame.
  9. ‘DLS’, ‘Dentists Legal Service’ and dentistslegalservice.com and the content of this website are subject to copyright – all rights reserved.
  10. All barristers who work under the umbrella of trident chambers.com are self-employed and in independent practice. We are a division of Trident Chambers.
  11. Each of our barristers has their own indemnity insurance for the work that they undertake. Please see their client care letter or ask for details.
  12. For more information about our organisation, do contact us.
  13. See also our Data and Privacy Policy.
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  15. Any dispute or claim relating to this website, its contents or the services we provide is reserved to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.